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AI-Powered Personal Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor for everyone

Personal financial advisors shouldn't be reserved for an exclusive few. Tendi is a personal financial advisor for everyone to help set financial goals, plan, budget, and achieve. Tendi can help you reduce debt, create an emergency fund, build up savings, invest wisely, and ultimately retire.

More than an app, it's financial empowerment

The AI solution delivering exceptional results

  • Securely links to your financial accounts
  • Analyzes spending and saving patterns
  • Chats with you about personalized financial advice
  • Displays your financial health in a simple dashboard
  • Tracks progress towards your goals
  • Alerts you to critical changes

Bridging gaps in wealth and financial literacy

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  • No monthly fees.
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  • USA Bank Account FDIC insured up to $250k.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who built Tendi and Why?

Tendi was built by a team of AI and finance professionals that came out of Netflix, Roku, and Paramount+ as well as an Emeritus Professor of Economics, Credit Risk Analyst, and Treasury Analyst. We built Tendi to put powerful financial tools in the hands of everyone to narrow the wealth gap and empower everyone to have a better financial future.

Do I have to link my bank accounts?

No, you can enter your own estimated income, expense, debt, and investment amounts. Tendi will still provide you with solid financial advice. However, connecting your online banking will make financial plans even more accurate and effective.

How is my data protected?

Tendi safeguards your data with advanced encryption and strict privacy protocols. It adheres to industry-standard cybersecurity practices, ensuring all information is stored securely and never shared without your explicit consent. Continuous monitoring and updates fortify defense against emerging digital threats, prioritizing your privacy and security at all times.

What goals can Tendi help with?

Tendi is designed to assist with a range of financial goals, from saving for specific purchases like a car or vacation, to long-term objectives like debt reduction, retirement planning, and investment strategies. It’s tailored to your personal financial situation and aspirations.

Is Tendi right for financial beginners?

Absolutely! Tendi is user-friendly and ideal for beginners. It offers straightforward financial advice, easy-to-understand insights, and educational resources to help you grow your financial knowledge and confidence.

Is Tendi expensive to use?

Tendi offers a free basic version with essential features. For more advanced functionalities, including personalized advice and comprehensive analytics, we have a premium subscription available at a competitive price.